I’m fortunate to review a lot of first-time author manuscripts and every now and then one clearly jumps out from the rest. CARE Your Way to Clarity by Kass Rose certainly fits that description. Written in a real-world, street smart way, her message, story, and wisdom quickly resonate off the pages and grab attention! As a fellow entrepreneur you can tell that she’s not only paid her dues, but that she also has a keen sense of human nature and lessons she imparts with both passion and battle-tested advice.

The book is written in an easy to follow format and the end of the chapters offer up exercises to help you dive deeper into your own life and career. The vibrational awareness chart and exercise is powerful and if you get only one thing from the book -which I highly doubt- then this is easily worth investing in it. However, I’m certain you’ll get several ‘aha’s and benefit from the rest of this excellent book.

Under the Cover

In the book Kass also reveals:

  • What she means by the acronym CARE and why this system is important to overall success
  • Why it’s important to walk away from drama in your life
  • The importance of human connection
  • Unique strategies she uses with her employees such as “Wellness Wednesday’s” to help them achieve greater harmony and happiness
  • The power of micro-shifts and the Vibrational Exercise to get yourself back into flow and greater happiness
  • Why she believes the future belongs to the curious
  • The power of saying “no” more often and establishing healthy boundaries both in work and life


Here’s a great quotable from page 22:

“Stop being a storyteller and become and experience gatherer.” -Kass Rose

About the Author: Kass Rose currently lives in Seattle and Yakima, WA and is the author of the new book, Care Your Way to Clarity. At any given time, you will find her traveling the world, immersing herself in foreign cultures, teaching yoga, sky diving, eating exotic foods, and chasing musical experiences across the globe. Most importantly, she is always living in the present moment. Kass believes life is an endless adventure of self-discovery and personal evolution and lives to help others navigate the path towards self-actualization. For more information visit: KassRose.com.

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