Bitter or Better: Crushing Life’s Losses into Victories by Tom Sutter. Imagine the pain of loss. Now multiply it even more with the loss of a loved one. In the new book by Tom Sutter, he shares not only the tragic loss of his young son Cal at age 13 to cancer, but the amazing lessons he learned to get back up from the depths of sadness to turn it into a major force for good.

Full disclosure, I met Tom several years ago at an event I hosted in California. I was not only amazed by his story, but even more impressed by the work his foundation, Cal’s Angels, has done to help hundreds of families the last several years in the greater Chicago land area. I’ve became a major fan and promoter of the Cal’s Angels.

Under the Cover

In the book Tom also shares:

  • The lessons for the mind, body and spirit that tragedy teaches us
  • Why we have the ability to reinvent ourselves and situation for the better
  • Why a ‘can-do’ spirit beats complaining and blaming every time
  • Effective ways to move through grief and get back into the game of life
  • The power of faith and family to assist us when all seems lost and the pain doesn’t seem to want to go away
  • The power of life-long learning and lessons from our past to help keep us moving forward
  • His belief in the power of God and the many miracles we often take for granted each day


Here’s a great quote from page 108:

“It’s easy to just sit back and let life happen without taking note of what is really going on around you. All too often people just assume that what is occurring or has happened is part of the normal routine…that is, until they take notice.”

About the author: Tom Sutter and his wife Stacey, and their blended family of six kids live in the Chicago suburbs and are all actively involved in the foundation dedicated to Cal’s memory which has raised more than $2,000,000 to help families facing the challenges of pediatric cancer with financial assistance to keep their homes, food on the table and a smile on their face. For more information on Tom, Cal’s All-Star Angel Foundation, or the book visit: www.BitterorBetterBook.com.

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