The ABC’s of Millionaire Marketing by John Di Lemme. I’m a big fan of John’s work and teachings. In his new book, he takes an up-close look at great marketing tips, but also includes a bonus section titled, 47 Secrets of Extreme Customer Service. It’s a quick, hard-hitting read with no fluff and all meat.

What I love about this book is that it’s real-world, not theory. John’s words and wisdom in the book strike a deep chord as they are often simple things that make a big difference. In today’s economy, his bonus section on customer service alone is worth picking up the book.

Under the Cover

In John’s timely and important book you will also discover:

  • Wisdom from the Ritz-Carlton hotel that ALL businesses can learn from and use
  • The power and lost art of active listening
  • How to kick excuses, procrastination, and blame out of your life
  • Why testimonials are so important in the age of Amazon and Google search
  • The best way to make a powerful and memorable first impression
  • Why relationships with customers for the long-haul is rare and so effective
  • The 47 Secrets of Extreme Customer Service


Here’s a great quote from page 76:

“Every day is an opportunity for you to build a long-term relationship with your customer, client, or patient. Make every day count by taking it slow and making small changes that add up to huge transformation.”

– John Di Lemme

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