9 Things You Simply Must Do by Dr. Henry Cloud. Sometimes a great book sneaks up on me by surprise. This book is a perfect example. I was shopping at B&N bookstore the 4th of July weekend and grabbed this book from the discount book table while I was waiting in line. It was a pure impulse purchase and man, am I glad I did!

The book takes an in-depth look at what successful people do on a consistent basis different than most people to achieve more happiness in both their career and life. Dr. Cloud makes a compelling case via the use of case studies, true stories and his own experience as to why these 9 principles work, but most importantly how to implement them in bite-sized chunks versus feeling overwhelmed.

I read a lot. I’m always seeking new ideas to not just share with others, but to also make me a better person for my family, friends, and clients. This book Captured me on many fronts and I found myself mentally saying “wow” many times as I read through its pages and highlighted key sections.

Under the cover

A few of the 9 Principles discussed in the book include:

  • PRINCIPLE 5: Act like an ant. See what these tiny creatures can teach us about reaching our biggest goals, one step at a time.
  • PRINCIPLE 7: Don’t play fair. Discover the risks in getting involved with a person who says, “Do right by me, and I’ll do right by you.”
  • PRINCIPLE 8: Be humble. Working in a rice field helped one executive improve his company’s soap sales in China. What can humility do for you? The answer may surprise you.


Here’s a great quote from page 35:

“Either new solutions are found in facing and solving problems, or new aspects of the soul are discovered. When we face our demons and our pain, we “reclaim the land” of our hearts and souls. You come through that suffering being better than who you were when you went in.”
– Dr. Henry Cloud

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