7 Strategies for Wealth and Happiness, by Jim Rohn. I was blessed to meet and hear Jim speak 23-years ago. Not only was he an amazing man, but his teaching and wisdom were life-changing. I remember that day back in Grand Rapids, MI taking several pages of notes that I’ve since studied and applied many times in my own life and career.

Recently, I went through my book shelf and pulled out my original copy of Jim’s book and reread it. I’m glad I did. Repetition is the mother of all skill, and gleaning wisdom from this amazing book made me realize that more people should know not only more about Jim’s story, but more importantly this amazing book. I consider this to be one of his marquee works. While it’s a quick read, it is long on lessons that are timeless and in huge need by everyone. Thanks Jim for your life, your lessons and this book.

Under the Cover

In 7 Strategies for Wealth and Happiness, you’ll discover:

  • How to unleash the power of goals in all areas of your life journey
  • Why discipline and good habits are the foundations upon all success is built
  • The power of action and having positive mentors in your life to guide you
  • How to gain wisdom and why life-long learning is a non-negotiable
  • The seasons of life and how to manage and learn from them
  • How to blast through the three key self-imposed limitations known as procrastination, blame and excuses
  • Time mastery and the day that turns your life around

While Jim left us in 2009, his message still lives on in this amazing book. Get it, read it, and apply it each day to help guide you towards greater life wealth and happiness!                       

About the author: Jim shared his message with more than 6,000 audiences and over 5 million people all over the world. He received numerous industry awards including the coveted National Speakers Association CPAE Award and the Master of Influence Award. Jim’s philosophies and influence continue to have worldwide impact. For more information visit: www.jimrohn.com.

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