This post will be brief, yet extremely timely.

Since we are in the year of a Presidential election here in the United States, I’m daily amused and amazed at how charged up and distracted people are online and offline with the candidates and the entire process. Stoking the flames are multiple talk radio and cable news shows that enjoy the attention, rivalry, ratings, and bottom line, eye balls and ears that get off on the joy of division.

I recently went back to the archives and found in Chapter 1 from my third Mind Capture book something I had written back in 2009 as it relates to politics. While the words may be 7-years old, they are still as relevant as when I originally put them to paper.

A Cautionary Tale

Most online, TV and talk radio pundits, regardless of political slant or bias, are masters at cranking up emotions, and hot air with their audiences.  Since they have a forum to spout their views, I’ll weigh in right now with my two cents.

THE PROBLEM: They get you fired up, ready to march with pitchforks in the street, but then they rarely offer up positive and constructive solutions. I call this ‘Big talk and little action’ media in full force.  In Texas they say, big hat – no cattle.

THE SOLUTION: Believe in yourself and get busy changing your own situation for the better before joining the ranks of pundits and unhappy masses of people still unconscious to claiming their own personal power whom are eager to complain, take positive action, or offer up constructive solutions.

Relentless negative news, massive denial and the wrong mindset are clearly taking their toll in the form of distraction and excessive victim mentality. Politicians love to talk a big game during an election and they are masters at stealing time, attention, and focus…if you let them. Yes, be informed, do your own homework, and vote. Common sense. Preaching and getting pissed off at other people that disagree with you in person or online to me is flat out childish and scores few, if any points.

You have a choice: Obsess on the Presidential candidates agenda’s or get busy working more on your own. It’s really that simple. Elections come and go. The one thing that always remains constant is you. You control your own economy, your own direction, your own goals, and your own life not an elected official. I urge you to snap out of the election season coma and take back your mind, your power, and your life.

Thank you for the gift of your time and attention. I approve this message!

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