What Some of The Top Sales and Marketing Minds In The World Are Saying About Tony Rubleski’s New Book Mind Capture

“This is an incredibly important book that gives you proven, practical ways to capture attention – the most valuable resource of all – and translate that attention into sales.”
Brian Tracy,
President, Brian Tracy International

“Mind Capture offers great advice and is packed with powerful business-building tools. I highly recommend it.”
Ivan Misner,
Founder & CEO of BNI

“Astonishing! Packed with ideas and strategies that work in the real world of business. Getting attention in a crowded market place is one of the major battles of the 21st century. Let this eye-popping street-smart book serve as your guide to increased profits and success – Guaranteed!”
Joe Vitale,
Author of There’s a Customer Born Every Minute

“There are books that have value even if never read. Such books’ titles and cover concepts are so powerful that if all one did was frame the cover and put it on a frequently seen wall, it would serve well. ‘Think And Grow Rich’, “Magic of Thinking Big’ come to mind. Tony has hit on such a book about marketing.”
Dan Kennedy,
Author of The Ultimate Sales Letter


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