Time to go back to the beginning…


18-years when I worked in the advertising industry. I saw a disturbing trend. The amount of marketing messages hitting us daily was increasing, mobile phones were becoming a required “must have” in our lives, and attention spans were getting shorter.


When I penned the first Mind Capture book in 2003 it was around 400-500 ads per day hitting us and cell phones were nowhere near the speed, range, cost, and addictive power as they are today. Social media was not even a thought yet and the names like YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, and Uber were not even though of yet. I’m shocked at the place we’ve arrived technologically and how quickly attention spans have disappeared, while at the same time the lust for bandwidth and creature comforts delivered via our mobile devices has increased exponentially.

Is ANYONE Paying Attention?


Fast forward to 2020 and we are now in a 9-second, instant Amazon world with over 5000+ marketing messages hitting us daily, digital ADD from being addicted (I’m not joking) to our damn cellphones, 50 to 60,000 self-talk messages in our own head, to information doubling every 3-days on the planet! I’m not even talking about AI or digital tracking as that would keep most people up for days.

I wonder many days…has the human race lost its damn mind? 


The need for speed, the death of patience, and the attention span issue is impacting everyone, in every industry, and there seems to be no slowing down or turning back.


In the video below we take a quick look at what I mean by Mind Capture and the three main challenges we are ALL up against in this new sped up, 9-second attention span world.


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