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The Mind Capture Group Affiliate Program is a great way to include all our products as an important part of your website, as well as generate some significant revenue!

Whether you have your own functional site or you just want to join our affiliate program, you can join the Mind Capture Group Affiliate Program and earn money by promoting any of our products and/or services.

Mind Capture Group will help you generate sales through the use of a variety of text links and other top-performing creative units – not to mention handling everything from converting traffic into sales, to delivering our products and services, to customer support.

All you need to do is send us the visitors and watch the money flow in.

Don’t wait! Team up with one of the world’s fastest-growing web-based affiliate programs. Whatever your website’s theme or topic, you can link to products that match your visitors’ interests with our variety of links and tools.

Affiliate Resources Section

So many other sites out there leave you floundering with promises of great commissions, but provide no real tangible help to get them. As a Mind Capture Group Affiliate we not only want you to succeed … we want to make it EASY for you to get started!

We not only “support” our Affiliates, we provide them EVERY resource they could ever need so that successfully promoting Mind Capture Group products is a no-brainer. We’ve done all the work for you.

You don’t need any special marketing “know-how” or other special skills to be incredibly successful (and profitable!) as an Affiliate with us. As a Mind Capture Group Affiliate, you will never be left to “figure things out” on your own.

In fact, check out the incredible amount of resources, materials and ready-to-use promotional items you have at your fingertips:

  • Access to one-on-one interviews with Tony Rubleski and Top Marketing and Business Development Minds like Jay Abraham, Les Brown, Jack Canfield, Jeffery Gitomer, Sharon Lechter, Larry Winget and many others
  • Custom banners
  • Google Adwords Ads
  • Custom and pre-written emails — ready to send out to your list!
  • Unlimited support from the Mind Capture Group Affiliate team
  • And much, much more!

Affiliate Program Benefits:

  • 35% Per Sale for the Think and Grow Rich 75th Anniversary International Summit Tickets
  • $6 Per Sale for A Captured Mind Print Newsletter
  • Reccurring Commission Opportunity
  • Unlimited Cookie Life
  • Free To Join
  • Paid Monthly via Paypal
  • Real-Time Statistical Reporting
  • Unlimited Affiliate Support
  • Large Target Market
  • Plus Much More!

Our Commissions:

You will earn 35% of each sale for Think and Grow Rich 75th Anniversary International Summit Tickets.

Reccurring Commission Opportunity: You will be paid a $6 commission for every sale generated through the links you place on your website for the “A Captured Mind Print Newsletter”

If the customer who placed the order signs up for this valuable monthly print newsletter and CD interview, you’ll receive a $6 commission every cycle (once every 30 days) for as long as they customer remains A Captured Mind Newsletter Subscriber.

A sale consists of each referral sale for the Mind Capture Group Affiliate Program.

How Do I Join?

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Affiliate FAQ

Affiliate FAQ’s You’ve got a question? We have an answer!

What is the Mind Capture Group affiliate program?

As a Mind Capture Group affiliate you refer visitors from your website or opt-in email lists to our website. In return, for every visitor you send to us who then purchases our product, you receive a very generous commission.

What products do you offer?

  • A Captured Mind Print Newsletter
  • Think and Grow Rich 75th Anniversary International Summit Event Tickets
  • Mind Capture Key Note and Speaking Programs
  • Annual Mind Capture Bootcamp
  • Specific Mind Capture Workshops and Online and On-Site Training Programs

How much will it cost me to join?

Absolutely nothing – EVER! It’s 100 Free!

Who else sells the Mind Capture Group products?

Mind Capture Group products are ONLY offered exclusively through our website. This is another tremendous benefit to our affiliates.

When can I expect to receive my commissions?

We pay our affiliates via company check and Paypal within the first week of the month -every month! Our affiliate tracking program ensures that you are paid for every single sale that you refer.

How long does it take to sign up?

Signup takes a couple of minutes. It’s quick, easy and to the point. Once you submit your information you’ll receive a username and password at your email address immediately that will allow you to login to your account and get started in minutes.

How do I sign up?

Complete our online application form form. Or you can call 1-616-638-3912 and a member of our affiliate support staff will assist you.

How will you keep track of the orders coming from my site?

When you copy and paste our ads, banners, pictures, text, or free report links into your website a tracking “cookie” with your unique affiliate ID is attached. When a visitor clicks on any of these links from your website a cookie is placed on their computer. When the visitor completes a sale on our website the cookie is read to determine which affiliate referred the customer and you are credited accordingly. Our cookies last for three years to ensure you are credited for every sale you refer.

How will I know how many sales I have referred?

There are two ways you are notified of each sale you refer. The first is via email. Every time you refer a sale an email will be sent to you. The second way is to sign in to your personal affiliate website and check the stats. All your statistics are displayed in up-to-the-minute “real-time.” You can also run reports on which ads are generating click-throughs and sales, and which ones aren’t.

How much will I be paid when I make a sale?

35% for each and every sale of the Think and Grow Rich 75th Anniversary Internatational Summit Tickets. You will be paid a $5 commission for every sale generated through the links you place on your website for the Mind Capture Group “A Captured Mind” monthly print newsletter. And you will continue to receive a $5 commission every cycle (once every 30 days) for as long as the customer remains a subscriber.

How will my visitors order?

All you need to do is refer potential customers to our website and we do the rest – from converting visitors to buyers, taking orders through our secure servers, our 800#, fax, or by mail, to shipping the product, and to handling customer support questions – we do it all!

Can I take orders directly on my website instead?

No! We provide a safe and secure online checkout system through our website where 90% of our orders are processed. This is the major reason why being an affiliate is much easier than promoting and running your own online business. We process the orders, returns, customer support, shipping, etc… You do nothing but refer people to our website and get paid!

Will you supply me with marketing material that I can use on my site?

We have people who are testing our marketing ads around the clock. These ads are available to you for your personal affiliate website. It is a simple copy and paste process that is detailed for you. If you send us your website and ask for help, we will suggest which ads to use OR we will build you your own personal ads customized just for you website. If you have opt-in email newsletters or e-zines, our experts can write articles just for you!

Just fill out our brief application form and get started now!

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