Thank you to many peers, fellow writers, and fans for taking the time to review an advance copy of my latest book, So You Want to Write a Book – How to Get Off Your A$$ and Make it Happen. The ebook releases worldwide on Monday 4/20/20.

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Advance Reviews:


“If you’re serious about finally writing and not wishing about it any longer, this book is for you. I’ve sold millions of books and Tony knows what he’s talking about. He breaks it down in a direct, no fluff, fashion that you can use to write and keep writing. Follow his advice and your chances of joining the club known as “author” increase significantly.”  -Ben Gay III, The Closers book series

“Not only is Tony a world class speaker, best-selling author and great guy, but now he can add “author ass kicker” to the list. He pulls no punches in his newest book “So You Want to Write a Book”. He gives action to thoughts that that we all have. He is genius in his approach. I am finally getting off my ass and finishing the manuscript I have been working on for years! Thank you Tony for this gem!”  -Geoff McLachlan, Coeur d’Alene, ID

“Everyone says they have a book inside them, however writing a book is not as easy as people think. Having written 35 books myself, follow Tony’s advice and commit to writing your daily pages. When you get enough pages pulled together, you can double check your work against Tony’s suggestions. Good advice on writing is hard to find. Get this book and put it to use.” -Mark Gleason, Grand Haven, MI

“Vulnerable, hard hitting and authentic. “So You Want To Write A Book” will make you do one thing that most never accomplish in a lifetime…write and publish a book. Rubleski brings credibility and authenticity to his latest “kick ass” work and you will find powerful truth throughout this book.”
-Tom Dutta, Vancouver BC Canada

“The book you NEED to stop procrastinating and START writing! Tony’s nailed it on this one. From the start, it leads you on the path that you were looking for if writing a book has ever been on your “bucket list”. Tony did a superb job showing you exactly how to overcome the resistance and get words down on paper! If you even thought about putting your story out there or writing about a passion of yours, this book should be your first stop!” -AJ Kehl, Las Vegas, NV

“Tony takes a wrecking ball to common obstacles and excuses to writing a book and replaces them with a proven successful formula to make you the author you always wanted to be. His over two decades of investing in, refining, and perfecting his craft of writing, speaking, and personal development are evident in this book. He is well qualified to help you become a successful writer.”  -Brad Brinkman, San Diego, CA

“Tony delivers “no-nonsense” advice from the trenches. Often times, (well mostly) unfiltered! What I mean by that is that he is a straight shooter with no concern for hurting my feelings. I like that. His “No BS” approach is exactly the kick in the pants you need to write the book that is inside of you and shave months, if not years off your process of making your book a reality.”
-Robert “RJ” Regan, Grand Rapids, MI

“You are reading this book because the thought of writing a book entered your mind. Tony has provided you the process to follow. This is not some made up process. It’s his process and one that has made him a successful writer. Those of us who have been given this process over the years and followed have also joined the ranks of published authors. Tony has given this to you and at the same time thrown down the challenge, will you accept it? Take the process, follow it and write your book, join the ranks yourself.” -David Brown, Monroe, MI

“If you’re lacking motivation of any kind, So You Want to Write a Book is like the ‘power song’ you listen to before you go crush a workout. Tony lays it all out and calls you out because he’s been there, done that, and knows what the other side looks like. This book is short, so it’s a perfect pump-up to get you in the mood to finally hit those writing—or any other professional—goals.” -Kelsey Turek, Grand Haven, MI

“Insightful. Witty. Direct. These are but a few words that describe Tony’s newest book. He shares a roadmap for finally getting off your butt and writing your book. The book is not only a roadmap for writing, but also a cure for “stinkin thinkin” that most of us experience whenever we try something new to improve our lives.” -Johnny Campbell, Orlando, FL

“The latest offering from Trailblazer Tony Rubleski has instantly become THE indispensable guide for anyone wanting to become an author. It minimizes the angst and suffering that is part of the journey. Easy to follow and clearly written, the book is a must-have whether you’re writing your first book or wanting to streamline your current process.” -Devin Walker, Las Vegas, NV

“This book is a no-nonsense guide that will ignite your desire and disciplines necessary to move your book from your head to a published product. Tony reveals easy to implement strategies that will obliterate your excuses and compel you to take action on the process of writing. I totally recommend it!” -Dave Sheffield, Davenport, IA


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