Three words to ponder: Adapt. Improvise. Overcome.

Yes, unique times are upon us. Things will never be the same.

*Lots of misinformation
*Lots of confusion
*Lots of fear
*Lots of anger
*Lots of division

However, as Mark Twain once said, “Life goes on.”

I’ll play devil’s advocate with you on how to reframe the changes from over the past two years since COVID-19 appeared and how to channel the massive changes into positive action. 

Yes, the economy is still a mess in many areas and this post-COVID world will be different, as we’ve all clearly seen. Here’s my big question for you to think about:

What will you do different going forward to Adapt, to Improvise, and to Overcome?

I strongly encourage you to grab a piece of paper and a pen and answer that question in relation to these areas of your life: Your soul, work, vocation, relationships, contribution, health, and finances.

Please take the time now to do some deep soul-searching and pour your thoughts and ideas onto paper.

I did this a couple weeks ago while reviewing and revising my goals and it was revealing in a positive way. It forced me to see what was still relevant, what would be discarded and changed, and what fresh, new possibilities have appeared over the past two years. The gift of self-reflection is something we often take for granted. Spoil yourself, take a few minutes, look inward, and invest in your biggest asset—yourself.


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