This afternoon a friend of mine Paul Guyon, forwarded me over an email to remind me of what what was really important in life. He was clearing out his inbox today and came across this holiday message which went out to the Mind Capture Nation email list dated 12-31-10 and thought it would be appropriate.

After reading it again, I felt it timely to post it here and in the present moment versus waiting until the Christmas season to share it again. I hope you enjoy it and that it helps give you a different perspective on what matters most.

This past week as my family prepared for the Holidays I was watching one of my all time favorite Christmas stories; “A Christmas Carol.”

It Is Never Too Late For People to Change Their Ways

The story was first published in 1843 by Charles Dickens and it was an instant hit. I believe it was, and still is, so popular because of its message; “it is never too late for people to change their ways and improve the lot of others.”

This Is True In Life, and I Believe It Is Also True In Business

While watching the movie with my kids I got to thinking about the current state of the economy and how the media is selling doom and gloom at every turn. Indeed, it is especially gloomy here in Michigan where, the US 2010 census reports, we are the only state in the nation to see its population decline in the past decade.

Is THIS a Report From the Ghost of Christmas Past?

I think it is. We are a product of past choices. But we don’t have to be a prisoner to our past, do we, Mr. Scrooge?

What of the present? Things don’t seem to be getting any better. Local food banks are reporting all time high patronage. Is that YOUR next door neighbor struggling to put food on the table? Sad but true…

Time to Come to Our Senses

Do we need a visit from the “Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come,” like old Ebenezer, before we come to our senses? We need to make some changes… FAST…

And it will take more than action this time. Time to come to our senses, just like Scrooge, and change the way we THINK about doing business, how we conduct ourselves and how much value we provide to our clients.

We need to keep the “Spirit of Commerce” at the top of mind each and every day, become known for the value we provide and conduct business better than our competitors, (on shore and off); else we are certainly doomed to mediocrity.

It starts with an idea or dream, then action, then faith and conviction to carry out your plan.

May the spirit of the season inspire and strengthen your heart, and may you renew all those around you.

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