Love or hate Donald Trump, he is the master at getting Mind Capture or attention. If there was ever the person who understands the power of publicity and how to get it almost on command, he’d be the poster child.
He simply can’t be ignored. Rivals know it. The networks know it. Washington now knows it too.

It has been interesting to watch him for nearly a month continue to be a daily talking point across all media spectrums even by his biggest rivals and enemies. His ability to stick around for long-periods of time in a 9-second attention span world and disposable media environment is a case study in itself.

Here are five quick reasons why the Donald is so effective at getting massive amounts of publicity:

#1: He’s entertaining and direct

#2: He commands the stage and has charisma –despite the bad hair

#3: He has supreme confidence and speaks from the heart not a teleprompter

#4: He knows how the media thinks and uses controversy to get Mind Capture in a crowded field

#5: He’s not afraid to stir the pot and speak on controversial topics

So, you might be thinking, I’m not Trump, why should I care? This is certainly a valid question and here’s why I think it’s a smart idea to watch Trump: he is a master promotor. Again, love or hate him, there is much to learn from him that can be applied if you seek to get your message noticed in a crowded, ADD world where information is set to double every 3-days by the year 2020.

To borrow a page from Trump here’s a strong statement I will reveal that I often only share with my private clients: I’m 100% convinced that the best marketer’s almost always win in any industry. They may not always have the best product or service, but their ability to sell, hustle and firmly stand behind their company gives them the slight edge which often baffles the competition.

I’ve been in business for over 20-years and have been blessed to work with hundreds of great companies. The one’s that often stick around and grow year in and year out, regardless of what’s happening with the global economy or who’s in office, often share one key ingredient: they are master marketer’s.

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