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Tony Note: With promotions and registrations rolling in from all over the country for this year’s “LIVE” 9th Annual Mind Capture Boot camp in Michigan City, IN I went back into the archives for this blog post. May it serve as an important reminder to attend events -even a RARE one like this- but to also encourage you to get registered and meet me along with our Trailblazing Faculty, alumni attendees, and many NEW folks from across the country this November 12 & 13th, 2020. NOTE: Special 1/2 rate (2-tickets max) when you use the code: VIP20

Details: https://mindcapturegroup.com/mcbc2020/


Are you Relevant or a Relic?


One of the enjoyments in life to me is the process of continual learning. Over the last 20-years, and graduating from a four-year university, I keep life-long learning a non-negotiable daily practice. I’ve easily invested over $100,000+ in ongoing training, books, coaching, attending events and hosting my own seminars. I mention this for one main reason: life-long learning to me is a non-negotiable.

One of the biggest areas that most people skip over, downplay or miss out on are the many benefits of attending live meetings and events. In the age of instant messages, YouTube, and short attention spans, many people look exclusively online to connect with others. I’ll play the contrarian and quickly make the case as to why I believe attending events is such a wonderful way to continue your personal development journey and invest in the most important asset you have: yourself.


Here are five reasons to make attending live events a part of your professional and business career:


1. It exposes you to others that are doing new and unique things.

The ideas and best practices shared at many live events from both the presenters and fellow attendees are easily worth the time and admission to most events. I have been to many events over the years where I left with just 2-3 ideas that I gained over a day or two of sessions that I immediately implemented to improve both my life and business.

2. You get a chance to work on your business, not in it.

Let’s face it, we all need to step away from our work once in a while and take a fresh look at it. Being around others who are seeking to do the same, is not only inspiring but also profitable. I often find at events that many people are going through the same challenges I am. In addition, most attendees are there to help each other and share a common bond. This is hard to replicate on the phone or in a group online meeting.

3. It gives you a chance to recharge your mental batteries.

We all need periods of time to regroup and refocus on what really matters. When we get outside our comfort zone and see new things and experiences it opens up our mind to not just look at new ideas and wisdom, but also to make the most of them by taking action. Implementation is one of the big takeaways many people get when they leave an event because they are surrounded by other ‘Go-Getters’ that get things done and hold them accountable, versus making excuses.

4. Pick up great new ideas.

The amount of sharing and access to top leaders at an event is simply unprecedented. I’ve gone to events in year’s past just to have the chance to meet with someone face-to-face that I’ve been trying to connect with for years. It works, and as an added bonus I also meet other new people that are just as interesting and worth getting to know. Many times the conversations with someone on a break or during a group exercise leads to not just a new connection, but also business and friendships that can last for years.

5. Get unstuck and receive constructive feedback.

I’d much rather have a respected peer or a successful Trailblazer coach me through or give advice regarding a challenge or opportunity than people closest to me with little or no frame of reference. This isn’t meant to be negative to those I work with or my family and friends, but many times we aren’t comfortable seeking advice for fear of them instantly judging us, or giving us unqualified advice. One of my business coaches uses the term ‘tough love’ and it’s spot on. He seeks to push me towards improvement and he’s candid to not sugarcoat areas that I could be improving in and others that I should spend less time on.

My Challenge to You…

Join us this November. Roll up your sleeves, get off your computer, leave your house, and jump into the trenches with other success-minded individuals. Register now and make plans to meet me in South Bend for the 9th Annual Mind Capture Bootcamp with this year’s theme, Trailblazer Leadership for Turbulent Times being held this November 12th & 13th, 2020. As a friend and fan of Mind Capture we are making a special discount code of 1/2 off per registration (2-ticket maximum) for NEW attendees at the registration and check out is: VIP20. For more event details and information visit: https://mindcapturegroup.com/mcbc2020/

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