APRIL 20, 2020


Grand Rapids, MI – In the new book, So You Want to Write a Book – How to Get Off Your A$$ and Make it Happen, bestselling author Tony Rubleski reveals in hard-hitting fashion, proven strategies to write and complete a book manuscript. The NEW book releases worldwide today first in ebook format and later this summer in paperback format.

With the historic numbers of people now at home and many without work, most people are re-examining their life, goals, and purpose. In that process, many times the vision or buried dream of writing a book pops up. Writer Joseph Epstein discovered, “81% of Americans feel that they have a book in them -and should write it.” That’s approximately 261 million people who would like to write a book.

Based on his own experience as a bestselling author and working with countless authors up close and personal over the past 15-years years, the new book is designed to provide the reader with proven ways to not only inspire and save time, but approach the writing process with the main goal being to complete a finished book manuscript.

“Vulnerable, hard hitting and authentic. “So You Want To Write A Book” will make you do one thing that most never accomplish in a lifetime…write and publish a book. Tony brings credibility and authenticity to his latest “kick ass” work and you will find powerful truth throughout this book.”
-Tom Dutta, Vancouver BC Canada


Some of the topics shared in the book include:

• The inner battle most people face before they write and how to overcome it
• Seasoned advice and wisdom from top global bestselling such as Stephen King, John Grisham, Brian Tracy, and JK Rowling of Harry Potter fame
• Street-smart tips to aid you in getting the words out of your head and onto paper
• Why reading other books is essential to good writing
• Myths about writing and publishing that stop most people out of the gate and how to quickly overcome them
• Why writers block is pure BS and how to overcome it
• How accountability and habit force help push a book from idea to completion


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