26-Days Remain in 2016 – How Will You Use Them?

The Holidays are always a unique time. Lots of emotions. Things to do. Places to be. Many of our core memories are built from experiences we’ve had with family and friends. The holidays can also be very stressful…if we let them be. Yes, we have the gift of wisdom and choice to determine what we make of the upcoming holiday season during the next 26-days and how we will approach 2017.

I speak from my own life experience and believe that deep down we are much more similar at the core, than what books, social media, the talk show pundits and news may want us to believe.

I believe we all want:

*To be heard and understood

*To be loved

*To enjoy good health

*To be recognized when we do our best

*To share our talents and wisdom with others

*To be happy

*To enjoy what we do for a living

*To best provide for those we love

While this is a quick list, here’s why I mention it’s significance: we tend to forget in an age of distraction just how blessed we are. It’s easy to count our problems and become stressed out, especially if we lose focus of what’s most important. However, when we take control of our thoughts and focus, we can override the head trash and deliberately look at the many amazing people, talents, and gifts that bless us each day.


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