Three weeks ago today we were starting Day 1 of the 6th Annual Mind Capture Boot camp in Grand Rapids, MI. So much was covered. The faculty was rolling and based on attendee’s feedback, at the top of their game. The interaction during group mastermind sessions was a sight to see along with the many new friendships and business alliances made were just a few of the many great things that took place during the 2-days.

Now, having had some time to reflect back on the event and catch up after doing 9 speaking dates right after the event, I felt it would be of value to reveal my three big takeaways from our time together. I’m confident you’ll pull an idea or two from my observations that will directly relate to your life, business, or both. Enjoy!

#1: You can’t go it alone you in life and business.  A big mistake most people make is that they try to play Lone Ranger. Heck, even he was smart enough to have Tonto to help out.

Yes, you need to be driven and committed to your chosen path and goals. You drive the train. However, what’s often lost in a 9-second digital attention span world is that no growing enterprise can do it all on their own. The passengers/people on the train of life are just as important.

Whom you associate with is a very big deal. Assembling a like-minded and forward thinking team is a smart move and helps increase the odds of long-term success. Getting people to all agree on something isn’t easy, which is why choosing people that understand the mission and commit to it, is of vital importance.

The same is true with who you get your advice from. Choose wisely. Do your homework. Ask the important questions. It’s cliché but true: proper planning often leads to greater success. Who’s on your own personal Board of Directors. Are they supportive or do they suck the life out of you and your dreams? Again, doing an ongoing audit of who you associate with is a very smart idea.

#2. You must make life-long learning a non-negotiable. One of my favorite quotes from the legendary Brian Tracy is, “Leaders are readers.” I’ve seen this at work in many Trailblazers I know personally and have also interviewed. In addition, it is a constant habit with all of my direct clients. They don’t settle. They get engaged. They keep pushing. They keep questioning. They never stop learning.

I believe that in the age of Google, ignorance is no longer an excuse. Every day, there are live events, webinars, videos and other resources being created online and offline with the primary mission being that a person looking to grow and get ahead is offered that chance. With a quick Google search, you can begin the quest to get pointed to specific knowledge, wisdom, and resources.

I saw each and every attendee not only taking notes at the event but also sharing ideas and wisdom with those in the room. This is the fun and unique thing to see at the event. People set aside fear and truly look to share with each other best practices and resources that they’ve used successfully.

#3. You must daily program your mind for success. The typical North American is hit with 5000+ marketing messages per day and also has around 50-60,000 self-talk conversations. Most of these, multiple studies have found, are negative and fear based in nature. As I mentioned at the event during my session I truly believe that the mind is a terrible master, but an excellent servant. Simply put, we must take control of our mind each day and set up effective habits each day that program it for maximum use and benefit.

I ran though several ways to program your mind for success in a special session I’ve never covered in front of a group that those who attended were given full access to hear. Thus another reason to attend live events…I digress.

Anyway, a few solid foundational practices that you can and should be using to reprogram your mind each day include:

*Reading and reviewing your goals

*Writing down what you are grateful for in your life

*Listening to and reading positive information

*Being careful as to how much news and talk radio you allow into your mind

*Taking time to think on paper

*Effective use of time and going dark with digital where you shut off ALL digital distractions

*Employing lists to keep you focused and directed on the highest daily outcomes

Bonus Takeaway: Live events change lives! I’ve been attending and hosting events for over 20+ years now and it never ceases to amaze me that getting people together face-to-face pays major dividends. It simply can’t be replicated. Yes, we’re all busy. However, I fear far too many people use it as a knee-jerk reaction to block out opportunities.

Yes, we must watch our time carefully. I get it. On the other hand, we should daily be on the lookout for new opportunities, feedback and ideas that can help us improve. Seeking out and attending an intense day or multi-day live event annually is what many super-successful employ to build their business and life.

Look for updates in late November here and on Facebook regarding next year’s event including dates, location, and special ‘early-bird’ registration and sponsorship opportunities.

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