Turning Points and the Power of the Mastermind

I usually don’t share much about my personal life, but I need to explain how important the impact of Napoleon Hill’s teachings has been on my thinking, especially the last few years in particular. We all go through what he described as ‘Turning Points’ within life. I...

Three Key Marketing Lessons from Apple

It’s amazing to watch the wonderful marketing job executed by Apple a couple week’s ago with the launch of their new phone. They are not only a great brand, and company with highly in-demand products, but what most people overlook is just how good they are at...

A Ghost of an Idea

This afternoon a friend of mine Paul Guyon, forwarded me over an email to remind me of what what was really important in life. He was clearing out his inbox today and came across this holiday message which went out to the Mind Capture Nation email list dated 12-31-10...

The Power of OP

The term ‘Other People’s Money’ is a common saying in business circles, yet few people really grasp the significance of what it means. In this week’s lesson I’d like to share with you three “OP’s” that can help any business when thinking about how to grow and expand....


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