Tony note: I was on the phone with my business partner Paul Guyon a couple of days ago and he mentioned that he went back and was reading my first book in the series, Mind Capture: How to Stand Out in the Age of Advertising Overload, which was originally written in 2003. He mentioned that Chapter 15 in particular was even more relevant than when I first wrote it. In this week’s main message I’ll go back in time and share the first 12 of the 27 ways to keep customers coming back again and again.


Customer loyalty can never be taken for granted. The only thing a business can do is implement ways to build goodwill through the use of focused and consistent channels of communication in order to help reduce the chance your customer will go elsewhere.

12 Ways to Keep Your Customers Coming Back Again & Again


  1. Be fun to do business with. The landscape is littered with mechanical, dull, mundane businesses that have no personality or fun. If you want to stand out from everyone else, make it fun to do business with you. Some examples: Contests, parties, seminars or special sales events for your clients.
  2. Recognize special events. For example, when your customer celebrates a birthday, anniversary, wins an award or is featured in the local press, send them a short note, article re- print, or give them a phone call. They’ll appreciate you thinking about them.
  3. Special mailings or offers. Use mail, postcards, email, and faxes to stay in contact with customers. Holiday events, “early-bird” discounts, coupons, and special announcements are just a few things you can use.
  4. Have contests or giveaways. Offer cash, prizes, dis- counts or special recognition to build repeat business, referrals, and to recognize your biggest customer advocates.
  5. Write and send out thank you notes. Simple, quick, easy and very effective. I know it’s too easy to do, but not so easy to actually pull off. I’m amazed at how few businesses even do this.
  6. Offer additional products or services. YES, your customers want to spend more money with you. If they already trust you they’ll be eager to buy more often from you. The #1 mistake people make: They don’t offer enough new products or services to their satisfied customers.
  7. Refer your customers business. Help them to be successful. If you’re patronizing their business or referring prospects to them it shows that you truly understand their business and want to help them.
  8. Have a professional answer your main telephone line. This one really gets me. Far too many businesses that try to create better customer loyalty have someone who’s either rude, incompetent or poorly trained handling incoming phone calls. This is a huge mistake. Get someone good to handle this critical first impression.
  9. Offer a strong guarantee. Back up your claims and stand behind what you sell. For example, I offer a 150% un- conditional money back guarantee at all of our seminars. I feel confident in my training and product packages to make such a bold claim.
  10. Under promise – over deliver. Sounds cliché but few if any businesses pull it off on a consistent basis. Make it a goal to deliver more value, guarantees, quality, and fun than your competition and you’ll keep them coming back again and again.
  11. Preferred customer program. This is a great way to reward and recognize your top customers by offering them special discounts, offers, freebies or bonuses. Use the 80/20 rule with your top customers to get them to spend more.
  12. Mystery shop your competition. This does three key things: 1. Helps you find their strengths and weaknesses 2. It’s a great way to pick up new ideas/insights and 3. A great way to scout potential talent you may want working for you



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