Last week I presented on the topic of leadership based on my latest book, Mind Capture: Leadership Lessons from Ten Trailblazers Who Beat the Odds and Influenced Millions, for a group called The Right Place based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The event was attended by over 200 folks that work for various firms in the primary roles of logistics and supply chain management.

One thing I noted was that this group was eager to learn and improve their skills. With most of them working for mid-size to large employers I revealed something about 15-minutes into my session, that was unplanned, which struck a powerful chord for those in the room.

The one thing I shared with this group of Go-Getters is that ALL employers are seeking something that is often never taught or mentioned in school or on the road to career advancement. Here it is: Every business has challenges. The employees who approach a challenge with both a positive mindset and several ideas to help potentially solve it, are looked at with greater respect and increased responsibilities (aka: promotions).

Sadly, the large majority of employees in many businesses offer up few, if any new ideas, solutions, and an upbeat attitude when dealing with a problem. Settling in, playing it safe and complaining are the typical routes taken.

I know if you’ve read this far that the challenge described above is likely not the case with you. You read blog posts and articles like these to stay current, relevant, and at the top of your game. I thank you again for not just the gift of your time and attention, but also for being a catalyst for positive change when dealing with challenges now and in the future.

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