I was reflecting back on a recent vacation with my fiancée Lacey and her daughter to her original hometown of San Clemente, California. I must say that I was not only impressed with how lovely this little ocean side community is, but also that the sun and 70 degree temps each day were a welcome relief from the winter weather of our home in north Idaho.

One of the highlights from our trip was when we visited Disneyland. I felt my inner child jump for joy as we walked into the theme park which is celebrating its 60-year anniversary this year. After a full day of rides, far too many sweets, we capped off the night by watching a full parade down main street, followed up by an amazing fireworks show high over the famous Disney castle.

Looking back the next day I came up with three key marketing observations from our trip to Disney.

#1: People like to let their hair down and have fun. A common thing we saw was people of all ages and from various countries enjoying themselves, laughing, and taking tons of pictures. In today’s busy, deadline driven world, getting people to let loose and have fun is a wonderful thing indeed. Entertainment options are endless these days and Disney still continues to draw new and repeat visitors year after year.

#2: A great business makes its operations look easy. Not only was the park immaculate, but the staff we encountered ranging from the rides, to gift shops, and restaurants were helpful and friendly. With as many employees and guests that take part in the dance each day at one of the world’s most popular theme parks, this is no small feat. It goes back to an expectation and intense training that the customer experience should be delivered at a high level at all times.

#3: They are masters at creating a memorable experience. The night time parade down main street followed up with a light show and fireworks was worth the price of admission by itself. Yes, the rides were a hoot and the day was fun for sure, but man the parade was simply amazing. I think we took at least 100 pictures as it was that good. 

In conclusion, the big question and homework assignment we should all be thinking about is, how fun and easy can we make it for our customers and prospects to do business with us?


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