I had been hearing about the book, The Art of Asking, by Amanda Palmer for many months from a few writer friends and a couple of weeks ago I finally took action and picked up a copy at a local book store while lazily browsing the golden piles of books with my son. Let me quickly state this this book is as good as advertised.

A good indication to me if a book is worth sharing is when I can’t put it down and get wrapped up in the story and lose complete sense of time and other pressing deadlines. This is one of those books that grabbed me from page one, sucked me in, and didn’t let go. As I finished reading it last night I had several ‘aha’ moments that I could relate to as a fellow writer, former rock musician, and now as a professional speaker for groups across North America.

The author Amanda Palmer chronicles her unique story in an entertaining, authentic and real manner. Her art takes guts to not just create, but to hustle and promote so she can share it with others. From her days working as a street performer to leading a rock/punk band, and becoming the darling of the TEDx online community, her book takes you on a roller coaster ride inside the highs and lows of being a creative artist that faces intense rejection, but also along the way picks up a small slice of devoted fans and true believers.

The biggest takeaway that I will reveal from the book is that we all have issues about asking others for help. I do it every day out of habit and the fact that my industry is extremely competitive, but I’m also keenly aware that it’s a skill that most people avoid or dread. Amanda nails it and how to handle this inner battle of asking with her own revelations, fears, setbacks, and triumphs on her own journey as an artist seeking not just validation, but an audience that she can connect with and help support her creative genius and lifestyle.

This book connects. It is full of teachable moments. Both tragedy and triumph are documented. The book is a gift to enjoy that will awaken many people to the power and benefits of moving through fear by taking action via the wonderful art of asking.


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