Of late, I’ve been living out of hotel rooms, airplanes and rental cars even more than usual. I’m not complaining, as the new book, mindcapturebook.com and its message has been striking a positive chord with groups ranging from bankers and restaurant owners, to association executives and leaders from the non-profit world.

In this short blog post I wanted to share with you three confessions from the road:

#1: It’s not always easy being on the road as I miss quite a bit of time away from my family and friends. However, once we get to the location and set up, the amazing people and groups I’ve been fortunate to meet and work with the past few months have definitely made it worth it.

#2: You must possess a great amount of patience. I’ve had to learn how to deal with changing conditions and many things that are not directly within my control when I’m criss-crossing multiple time zones, cities, and working with lots of new people. I’m again reminded that I love teaching others, so travel and going to meet them is what I signed up for 10-years ago when I started the company.

#3: People are hungry to learn and improve themselves. Many of the events have seen record turnouts and a few have sold-out. Now, this isn’t all due to me, but it certainly demonstrates that the topics I teach are striking a chord with attendees. For that I am again both blessed and grateful.

Here’s a quick shout out to a few great cities I was fortunate to work and speak in the past few weeks:

Thank you Spokane.

Thank you Kalamazoo.

Thank you Seattle.

Thank you Denver.

Thank you Detroit.

Thank you New Orleans.

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