If this month is any indication of how the year will be I will be busier than ever in 2017 doing live training and keynote programs for business and non-profit groups across North America. The next several weeks, I have seven scheduled programs. Here’s the interesting thing: the common thread with all these groups seeking me out is that they not only want to motivate their folks to stay sharp but also keep them engaged via ongoing training and learning.

The three biggest areas of focus I’m being brought in to train and assist with include:

  1. Exceptional customer service principles that produce big results
  2. Proven referral and repeat business techniques
  3. Leadership strategies to inspire and help organizations grow to the next level

This isn’t a mystery. Regardless of the specific areas, many growing firms and associations desire to keep momentum and progress alive and moving forward with their teams, key clients, and referral partners they interact with and serve on a daily basis.

So, my question to start the New Year is this: what will you do to keep learning and improving your game in 2017?

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