A special “VIP – Early Bird” SAVE THE DATE invitation from Bestselling Author, Tony, AKA: “Guitar Playing Rubleski” President of Mind Capture Group for a select group of VIP’s, clients, and past Boot camp alumni only to save the date now and place our deposits to reserve your spot immediately for the

8th Annual Mind Capture Bootcamp to be held this October 10th and 11th, 2019 in Detroit, Michigan!

Mind Capture Boot Camp 2019


“Join a small, select group of clients, past event alumni, and several new folks, our esteemed faculty, and other ‘Go-Getters’ in Detroit, this October 10th & 11th, 2019 for the 8th Annual Mind Capture Marketing & Mindset Bootcamp! We’re bringing it to Motown for the 1st time ever and keeping with the theme, it will be even BIGGER and more ROCKING than any event I’ve ever hosted! You will leave not only renewed and recharged, but also with several proven and immediate ways to grow your business.

From: Tony Rubleski

July 10th, 2019

Dear Fellow Achiever and Friend of Mind Capture Group.

A timely video message of key importance regarding the 2019 Mind Capture Bootcamp in Detroit…

Like the picture in Chicago, last Fall with Cj Ortiz, the “Metal Motivator”, Brad Szollose and me on Day 1’s Power Panel, as we proceed full-throttle into 2019, the feeling is almost like the roaring 1920’s when business confidence was high and it seemed that the good times would last forever.

However, as history has always shown, booms are always followed by busts!



Recent Feedback from 2018 Chicago Alumni Geoff McLachlan…

“I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on personal development and business classes and seminars. I was completely blown away by the Mind Capture Bootcamp in Chicago. The speakers and information presented were world class. I saw first-hand some of the greats of the speaking world and heard personal stories about those who pioneered the industry.

I learned about different ways to connect with my clients and how to cultivate new ones. I saw growth in myself and in my group and I have been implementing some of the strategies we heard about. Do yourself a favor and make the Bootcamp a part of your annual action plan. I can honestly say that it was the best I have ever attended and I will be at EVERY Mind Capture Bootcamp from here on out. PS. Tony, the boot camp is worth 10 times what you are charging!”

Geoff McLachlan, Coeur d’ Alene, ID
Founder and CEO Professionals at Play

Here’s are Three Key Reasons Why I’m Challenging You as You Watch My Video and Read This Message to Reserve Your Ticket NOW Versus Waiting:

Several spots have already been taken by current clients, alumni, and fans of my books who are beyond excited that I’m bringing the event back to the Midwest. We WILL sell-out the event at 150 spots. I’ve already had several of last year’s alumni from Chicago that they will be back and with more people from their Inner Circle who missed the event last October.

That’s all folks. Even letting the event grow to this size has weighed on my mind for a couple of months. However, I know we can still pull of the intimacy and incredible outcomes with a group this size, especially with those who I know from our faculty that will be assisting and teaching during our time together.

We will again be doing the focused Group Mastermind and individual revenue seats for each attendee at devoting more time to it based on raving feedback from Chicago alumni. Having led revenue seats at my own events in San Diego, Las Vegas, Chicago, Grand Rapids and at many other events, we’ve darn near perfected how to get the most out of them for maximum efficiency and results.

In addition, having learned up close and directly from whom I believe are the TWO BEST marketing and sales minds in the world on the topic of the mastermind still living, Dan Kennedy and Ben Gay III, we’ll take your mindset and belief structure of what you thought possible, to a much, much higher level.

You’ll see a lot of successful promotions up close and personal. My handpicked faculty knows that my events are legendary for not only unique access that attendees get when they are in attendance, but also for sharing real-truth, behind the curtain details. No punches are to be pulled, and no hard selling is allowed from stage. The faculty are first and foremost teachers that are there to both share specific tips and inspire others.

I will also be sharing NEW UPDATES for 2019 to the Mind Capture System and revealing several key components that are working like gang-busters with clients and in my own business in the areas of getting attention, high-level referrals, and helping them stay focused and dialed in on with key areas related to their businesses.

Make plans NOW to join us at the 8th Annual ‘Mind Capture’ Marketing & Mindset Boot Camp this October in Detroit! This powerful, up-close and intimate marketing, networking, and mastermind event will also help inspire and motivate you to:
  • Break out of a rut to help you meet valuable new contacts, resources, and relationships to help you keep roaring into 2019 and beyond.
  • Renew and energize your mindset so that it acts like a super-magnet towards completion of your goals.
  • Look at your business with fresh new insights and ideas from other like-minded forward moving attendees.
  • Unlock and learn several proven ways to reach and connect with busy, or difficult prospects and decision-makers like a Rockstar.
  • Discover how to get more done than you ever thought possible by eliminating time-sucking vampires that chew up time and energy.
  • Learn key marketing and referral strategies to apply immediately into your business to help increase profits.
  • Learn the latest methods for building trust and social proof in your industry to clearly position yourself with expert status and get Mind Capture.
  • Meet a unique “inner-circle” of like-minded people who will help you succeed, share resources and bottom line; hold you accountable.

Here are Just a Few Things You Can Look Forward to After Joining Us

Being more laser-focused and better prepared to get more done with less hassle and frustration

A solid game plan for navigating the complex world of social media and how to stay in touch with current clients and attract high level prospects for what you offer

Leave with several proven business strategies you can implement within your business while at the event and immediately after to help you increase profits

Several tips, and ‘real-world’ advice from our faculty and fellow attendees to help you
find greater joy, harmony, and overall happiness within your life and those you care about the most

The ability to better fend off distraction and take a much more proactive approach to both life and business versus being reactive to other’s opinions and attempts at stealing your valuable time, energy, and focus

Lee Milteer – Rockstar Habits & Time Mastery Strategies High-Level Achievers Use to Get More Done

This legendary Trailblazer of the personal development industry will headline this year’s event and we are excited to welcome this Diva to Motown! What can I say, her record of success in the coaching and personal development industry is unmatched. She’s the Aretha Franklin and Celine Dion and much more.

In this rare session, she’ll reveal her biggest time management and million-dollar habit strategies, that her top clients and business partners such as Dan Kennedy hire her to achieve.     


Cj Ortiz – Rockstar Branding Secrets to Successfully Stand Out in the Age of Facebook and Social Media

Back again by popular “alumni” demand, this successful entrepreneur of 25+ years will dive deep and share several specific ways to supercharge your social media efforts, image, brand, and message based on clients he’s worked with.

You’ll also get “Backstage VIP Access” to how he built his booming online Rock-N-Roll tribe, Metal Motivation, which recently crossed the 100,000+ marker on Facebook and the lessons learned.    

Corey Perlman – Rockstar Techniques to Get Mind Capture in a World of Social Media Overload and 9-Second Attention Spans

This Atlanta based entrepreneur and bestselling author makes his Bootcamp debut this year and will not only floor you with his insight but in his interactive session, you’ll be standing on your chair and dancing in the street, with how simple he makes using social media in your business to capture attention.

I’m certain, he’ll give the headlining and returning faculty a run for their money. His street-smart session will reveal hit after hit.

Rob Corbett – Rockstar Tips and Systems to Help You Follow Up and Capture More Online Leads, Eyeballs, and Business

Rob’s session last year in Chicago on Day 2 was a fan favorite. Not only is he Tony’s “Secret Go-To Guy” for his marketing efforts, but he’ll share top tactics that he uses to build lead generation funnels for his clients and within his own business.

In addition, he’ll reveal how to set up powerful automated follow-ups to get you the most high-quality leads without breaking the bank.

Tony Rubleski – Rockstar Leadership Lessons Top Trailblazers Use to Positively Influence Millions & Clearly Stand Out from the Masses

As the Creator and producer of the annual Mind Capture Bootcamp and this year’s Rock-N-Roll show, Tony will share a NEW session based on his 20+ years in the industry and a rare, behind-the-scenes look at wisdom to achieve long-term success and staying power in ANY industry.

He’ll draw from rare advice his mentors have shared, along with lessons learned working with many Trailblazing industry leaders and organizations ranging from Amazon, RE/MAX, John Deere to Hallmark Gold Crown Stores and the Napoleon Hill Foundation.  

Will You Leap Ahead in 2019 and into 2020 Or Worse “Play-it-Safe” and End up Comfortable Watching a Hungry New Local or Online Competitor Pick off Your Best Clients and Employees?

I ask this question for one key reason; most businesses sadly prefer to just plod along and play it safe. They get cozy, comfortable, make excuses, ignore new opportunities, and start to get complacent by taking their customer and staff’s success for granted.

It’s human nature and it’s also very dangerous in the long run especially when the economy is humming along nicely. “In a time of peace, prepare for war.”

Like our past events, we’ll share and reveal the necessary mindset, networking and mastermind partners, marketing, and implementation strategies you’ll need to help your business jump ahead and grow much faster without fear, doubt, and worrying about what others think or say about you.

REMEMBER: It’s your life and business, and no one else!

The Investment to Join Us

So, the investment to join us in Detroit is a modest $797.00.

Huh? What’s the catch? Not, three monthly payments of $797.00 EACH?

Is this a misprint? No, I’ll explain.

Many 2-3 day seminars I go to or consider attending each year are priced on the low end from $500 to $1500, $2000, to even $10,000 or higher before travel and time away from the office are even taken into consideration.

The goal, once again, like our last boot camp in Chicago is to remove the money issue quickly and get you registered for the event sooner than later. To set you at ease, one of my primary goals at the event on day one is to drop thousands of dollars and value on you before our first lunch break to make the registration fee look like peanuts in relation to the value we fully intend to over deliver on like we’ve done at the other three events.

In addition, I once again plan to shock you with a HUGE surprise announcement on the first day like I’ve done at past events, that when we meet you’ll be reporting back to us and your fellow attendees in the near future, based on the success breakthroughs, new ideas, and plans of action you’re experiencing since you registered.

This way we can share with other clients and other newsletter and book buyers for future boot camps what they missed out on by not attending when we promote future events, promotions and other large seminars.

While I highly doubt this would happen, again it’s my mission to deliver to you one of the most important events and unique experiences you’ll attend this year directly related to building your business, profits as well as your mind.

Boot Camp Location & Hotel Information

The event will be held each day from 8:30 – 5:00PM EST.
Light continental breakfast and lunch included each day.
Event location TBD and updated on site in late June.

I strongly encourage you to join us at this life-changing and truly unique, intimate, and one-of-a-kind event in Detroit on October 10th & 11th, 2019. Tickets are LIMITED to make sure you reserve your spot before its too late!


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